organic louisiana – a wedding theme

Oh look it's me and sweet baby thangs :)

Oh look it’s me and sweet baby thangs ūüôā

So being that I am getting married in seven short months it is wedding central around these parts! ¬†Mimi, is in a craft whirlwind and the glitter is flying I tell you. ¬†We call her “glitterball” because no matter what she’s working on she has glitter on her….like always. ¬†Anywho, a lot of the posts over the next seven months will be snazzy tutorials on the awesomeness she’s making and yes my little budding maggies lots of it will be for sale in our handy dandy Etsy shop.

My wedding theme, and yes I have a theme, I couldn’t just stick to a color, is Organic Louisiana. ¬†Let’s all sigh and think Louisiana, iced tea, squeaky front porch floorboards, fields and fields of blooming cotton and burlap wrapped bales. ¬†And of course I will honor our fleur de lis and last but not least my magnolias. ¬†Here is a peek at the overall theme and it is ALL diy, handmade wonderfulness. ¬†Stay tuned for posts on how the heck she made all of this. ¬†And I will introduce you to my sweet baby thangs too ūüôā

Sidenote:  that picture was taken by my sister, super photographer, more of her photography to come!

Paper flowers with our name and wedding date

Paper flowers with our name and wedding date


fabric rose bouquet and personalized tag with wedding date and names of bride and groom


burlap covered fabric rose bouquet, paper magnolias with real magnolia leaves in a “thrifted” porcelain water pitcher, a few birdcages and decorated soup cans! Voila – the tablescape is born


a magnolia has bloomed :)

Bonjour! ¬†Welcome to Mimi’s Magnolias! ¬†“Mimi” is my Mom the greatest woman on the planet! ¬†No really she is. ¬†Mimi, has been crafting, sewing, crocheting, decoupaging and burning her fingerprints off FOREVER! She is originally from Los Angeles and would make her weekend trip to Moskatel’s in L.A. long before we were spoiled by Hobby Lobby and Michaels. ¬†She makes some of the coolest things and just lately has been doing papercrafting, wedding invitations, wedding centerpieces, bouquets and lots more, mostly because this particular magnolia is GETTING MARRIED!

We are going to share with you some of the cool things she’s making for my wedding, along with gorgeous photography by one of her other magnolias, her other daughter Teresa. ¬†I’ll share my crafts, art and fashion and daily babble to keep you laughing and coming back for more. ¬†Share us and be a magnolia!!! ¬†Live to create!!