Yeah it’s been awhile….and I’m in trouble!

Sooooo it’s been 25 dog years since I made a post and Mimi is about to murderize me.  Like for real.  So here we go with getting back on track officially.  In my own defense I had a little event that took up quite a lot of my time.


IMG_6748 IMG_6749 photo 2


WHOOP WHOOP!!  Yep November 2nd my sweet thangs and I tied the knot and the power of three became the power of four and it was amazing.  Absolutely A. MAY. ZING!  Humongous thanks to Mimi (my Mommy) for making my wedding unbelievable and beautiful.

I’m going to share some of the neat ideas we came up with and some of the amazing ideas that we are using now for a lot of other weddings we are working on now.  Don’t give up on us we are rocking and rolling some awesome projects out as we speak!



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