Creole Style Natchitoches Meatpies…but you can’t eat these!

One of Mimi’s most talked about and most loved products is her original design of the Creole Style Natchitoches Meat pies.  And they are soooo cute!!  She makes as both an ornament and a magnet so you can enjoy them (at least looking at them) all the time.  No frying involved!  These make absolutely adorb’ gifts for friends and family especially those coming to visit our popular little hometown.

So for my non Louisianians, a meat pie is a Southern delicacy.  Originally a fusion of Native American and Spanish foods the meat pie was born.  Creole style meat pies are traditionally made with a half and half pork and beef mixture with onion, bell pepper and other tasty seasonings in a flaky crust like a half moon.  Some Creole communities would fry theirs, some would bake them and everybody lays claim to having the best around.

Anyone that visits Natchitoches always wants a meat pie and to go to one of our drive through liquor stores but that’s a whole other post!  So the amazing Mimi came up with this cute meat pie design.  She is absolutely swamped with others for these right now and we will let you know as soon as we have them posted in our shop!  Hope you enjoy and share away.  Have a fantastic day!


2013-08-17 01.28.58 2013-08-17 01.29.30 2013-08-17 01.29.37


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