Greek products, new Facebook page, and a variety of ramblings….

Well holy moly I’m getting this train a chuggin now!  Got our Facebook page up and going, please like away my little mags if you will you can conveniently click the little F on the right hand side thank you very much.  It has been a very long few weeks brainstorming ideas, looking at inception, worrying, staying up all night, you know the drill.  But I’m super happy.  I will tell you all about a superfantastical graphic designer that did our header and other branding things tomorrow.  She’s awesome, like my new best friend, that I give money too.  lol!  But, seriously she’s great at what she does can’t wait for you to meet her.  Posted some things from our Greek line today.  Yep calling all greek organizations we can put your letters on just about ANYTHING.  Spread the word and all that stuff.  Here is a peek, go to our Facebook page to order, don’t quite have my Etsy shop rolling all the way yet!




Thanks hope you guys had a great day, I did, got both mini-boy magnolias school open houses done and this Mama is ready for school to start!  Have a great one!



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